Business development

We want to expand our network of distributors; maybe you are our next new partner! 

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BBS is producing it's own collection, unbranded and in high quality.
Perfect for distributing it in your country, for a price that fits your country, without getting confronted with cheap internet alternatives.

NO BRANDING. Only a few years ago, everybody wanted to start "a brand". BBS chose not to brand the watch straps. In this way you can sell your strap for a price that fits your target group, without getting obstructed by offers on the internet. After all, how can you compare a product without a name?!  Distribute our complete portfolio or make a selection to make your offer complete.

MAXIMUM SUPPORT. For distributors, we offer our extensive stock, presentation furniture, folders, digital information like photo's and product description but also our vast international experiance in the strap trade. Basically, BBS is a one stop shop for present and future watch strap distributors.