What does the code on the label mean?

Take 5 minutes so you can make optimum use of our web shop by understanding our code. If you already know, proceed...



Odoo tekst en afbeelding blok

Colors and code

Make your web search and ordering easy

You can start your strap search, immediately from our home page by clicking on "Watch straps" in the top menu. It is important that you know how wide your strap need to be. Pick that size in the menu and immediately under it you will also find the main colors. Make your selection and the available straps will show on your screen.

Odoo CMS - een grote afbeelding
Odoo CMS- Sample image floating

Or use a model code so you get all variations that match your search. Click the magnifying glass as indicated above and fill in your search requirement. So when you search for model 85930, all variations in size and color will show. If you use 85930_07, this model will only show in light brown. When using the 07 code, only the light browns will pop up...not all browns

Exact color search

Through the use of our menu, you will find all browns or all greens but what if you need a specific green...let's say dark green. You can find the matching color code on the left: 06. So searching for 06 will give you all variations where 06 can be found. So if you are looking for a dark green strap at 20 mm, it's best to use: 06_20_mm

Now only the dark green straps in 20 mm will pop up.