Raise your margin

We reward your loyalty and timely payment with an attractive bonus 

We praise our loyal customers and want to make sure they benefit from being loyal too. In addition we value timely payment

Completely automatic. We keep track of every payment and register if it has been on time or not. If your payment was within 30 days and you did not get a discount on this product yet, we register the amount. We continue to do so for all other orders and payments that come in. At the end of the year we add all up and the total amount defines your bonus credit invoice, based on a scale. The higher the amount, the higher the bonus scale and connected percentage. You can find the bonus scale in your customer portal under "Documents".

Batteries are also included We grant you a bonus on watch straps but also on our batteries. However, we often sell our batteries with a 14% discount when a minimum of 100 boxes of watch batteries are ordered. In that case the bonus will not apply.