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BBS makes your watch strap search easy

BBS is a producer and distributor of watch bands and offers affordable quality.

Wholesalers. BBS distributes several strap brands but is also manufacturer of it's own BBS strap. These straps offer a lot of "bang for your buck" and are often the first choice for distributors all through Europe. If you are a distributor that is looking for a high quality strap for a reasonable price, please contact us so we can make you a suitable offer.

Shop owners are welcome toregister here. Use our web shop to find a specific watch strap by selecting size and color. All available option will pop up and simply add the strap of choice to the shopping cart. For existing customers, payment can be done by bank, 30 days after your purchase. For quick (re) ordering, you can also use the quick-ordering barcode page or our "BBS order" App. Simply scan the labels of the straps you sold or the barcodes from the brochure, to make a quick order. All orders are send within 24 hrs.

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Download the App and use the same credentials as in the web shop. Search in the App store or Play store for "BBS order" and download the App for free. Login with the same credentials as you use in the web shop and you are good to go. In case you did not register yet as a user; register in the app or on this website. 

What if I do not remember my password? Just click "login" on the top of the page and click "Forgot your password?".  Fill in your email and a password reset link will be send to you by email. Don't forget to store the same username and password on all your devices.

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Consumers are invited to visit one of our re-sellers. All BBS retailers have stock and can therefor show your different options. Besides that, they have the shill to put your strap on your watch, without damaging it.

To find the dealer near your home, just check out thestore locator.

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